Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Coming to Switch June 23

Duke Nukem 3D is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 23. The game will get new features, an extra chapter and optional support for motion controls and HD Rumble. The game will only be available in the Nintendo Eshop and will cost 10 euros.

The re-release of the game is called Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour. This version was already released in 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows for 20 euros. The Switch version will be cheaper and will also receive support for some functions of the Switch. This includes optional aiming support with the gyroscope in the Joycons and Pro Controller, HD Rumble, motion controls and local wireless multiplayer. Users can choose between the classic graphics or an enhanced graphics with a higher frame rate, as with the other versions of this reissue.

The 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour also comes with a new chapter in the story. This chapter, titled Episode 5, features eight new levels created by the game’s original developers. Episode 5 also features new music by Lee Jackson and new one-liners voiced by Duke Nukem’s original voice actor Jon St. John. The game will be released on Tuesday 23 June and will cost 10 euros.

Last year, the composer of the Duke Nukem 3D soundtrack sued Gearbox, because the publisher would use the original soundtrack of the game for the 20th Anniversary Edition without consultation. This lawsuit is still pending at the time of writing, although Gearbox and Bobby Prince have reached an agreement ahead of the Switch release, Digital Trends writes.

In addition, Gearbox sued 3D Realms this week, Digital Trends reports. That’s the original developer of the Duke Nukem franchise. Gearbox acquired the Duke Nukem franchise from the studio in 2016. At the time, according to the publisher, 3D Realms would have stated that with the acquisition, all copyrights would go to Gearbox, including rights to the music. Now that it appears that this may not be the case, Gearbox argues that the original Duke Nukem developer has committed a breach of contract.