Driver update: Vortex 2 + VIA + Windows 2000 fix

On the Vortex of Sound forum there is a fix posted for the Windows 2000 problems of Vortex 2 sound cards in combination with the chipsets from VIA. The solution requires some die-hard registry hacking with H. Oda‘s WPCredit:

I did some fiddling with H.Oda’s program WPCREDIT and I think I found a fix that seems to work well (The one on didn’t work for me). I used WPCREDIT to save the PCI device registers under Win98 and Win2k (I have a dual boot config). After I compared them, I found that Win98 initialized the sound card differently than 2000, although there were differences for the other devices as well. Anyway, here’s the hack:

Select the audio device in WPCREDIT. Change the value at offset 40 (hex) to FF. (For me it was set to 80 before). Problem solved. You can use Wpcrset to make the change every time Win2k boots up.

Works like a charm. Ran repeated chkdsk checks during audio playback, no cutouts so far. When I changed it back to 80, the sound cut out after a few seconds. It seems this is the correct solution. Try it out.

Operating systems Windows 2000