Driver Update: Omega Catalyst 2.6.42

Angel Trinidad just released new Omega drives for ATi Radeon video cards and assigned them version number 2.6.42. The drives are based on the recently released version 5.6 of ATi’s Catalyst drivers. The most notable change is that the previously included tweaking program RadLinker has been replaced by a modified version of ATi Tray Tools. The full changelog looks like this:


  • Based on the Catalyst 5.6 Official drivers.
  • Removed a lot of obsolete tweaks.
  • Removed RadLinker from package.
  • Now ATI Tray Tools is included as a default tweaker.
  • Re-enabled the default 3D and Color panels in the ATI Control Panel.
  • Added a desktop shortcut for the ATI CP and for ATT (both optional).
  • Included a few new OGL Smart Shaders.

Note: Since these drivers include a non-standard version of ATT, I would recommend that if you have any previous version of ATT installed, please uninstall it before installing these drivers, not doing so may cause unknown problems.[break]

Version number 2.6.42
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Omega Drivers
file size


License type Freeware