Driver Update: nVidia Detonator 42.81 & 42.86

The first day of this month turned out to be a real Detonator Day. Warp2Search informs us early in the morning that they’ve got their hands on version 42.81 of nVidia’s driver pack, dated January 22. Guru3D, with a reputation for leaked Detonators, couldn’t let this pass and later in the day released version 42.86 of the drivers which is another two days younger. However, both drivers have been leaked, so you have to think carefully before installing.

The files are dated January 24th 2003. The archive includes a nice setup. I just virus checked and installed these drivers myself and they run just fine on my rig. The drivers of course need to be considered beta.[break]Download version 42.81 hereversion 42.86 is here to get. Both drivers are only suitable for Windows 2k and XP.

Version number 42.81 & 42.86
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Warp2Search
License type Freeware