Driver Update: nVida Detonator 12.00 Win9x

Max Payne reported that new nVidia Detonators for Windows 9x have appeared on The-Ctrl-Alt-Del. The version number is at 12.00 and the drivers are dated April 4, 2001. You can download them here take down.

It is not entirely clear what the changes are. The opinions about drivers on the forum are quite positive:

Ive got a decrease of 20 points in 3dmark 2001. Preliminary test…

[…]I got 3194 points with this drivers. They seem pretty stable.

[…]i got an increase from 2100 to 2679 in 3DMARK2001!!!!!!!!! by far the most electrifying Drivers, they gotta be real!!

Version number 12.00
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website The-Ctrl-Alt-Del