Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.2-pre3

The third pre-patch for the Linux kernel 2.4.2. Obviously applicable for all Linux platforms, not just i386.

And, as always…. think before you start – it’s still beta software.

The full changelog:

Jens: better ordering of requests when unable to merge

Neil Brown: make md work as a module again (we cannot autodetect in modules, not enough background information)

Neil Brown: raid5 SMP locking cleanups

Neil Brown: nfsd: handle Irix NFS clients named pipe behavior and dentry leak fix

maestro3 shutdown fix

fix dcache hash calculation that could cause bad hashes under certain circumstances (Dean Gaudet)

David Miller: networking and sparc updates

Jeff Garzik: include file cleanups

Andy Grover: ACPI update

Coda-fs error return fixes

rth: alpha Jensen update

Version number 2.4.2-pre3
Operating systems Linux