Dota 2 champions earn more than the top Wimbledon players

The International is the esports tournament of Dota 2. It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, better known as a MOBA, a real team sport. The computer game, launched in 2013, is played in matches of two teams each with five players. Last year’s champions successfully defended their title on Sunday and were allowed to go home with a huge sum. The prize money doesn’t lie. It is a whopping $ 15 million, from an even larger prize pool of $ 32 million. Even if you divide it among the five team members, each member still gets more than $ 3 million.

More than Wimbledon

To compare it with other traditional sports: Tiger Woods had to make do with prize money of “only” $ 2 million with the 2019 Masters. It is even more than Wimbledon champions Novak Djokovic and Simon Halep, who each brought home nearly $ 3 million for their victories. A successful esports career certainly does not do any harm.