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Does Google work on a fitness coach?

Rumors are there to spread. They probably will not fall out of the sky. Google would work on a fitness coach, based on Artificial Intelligence. What exactly would Google do with this?

Google Coach

The new fitness application, will be called Google Coach. It will help people to eat healthier and exercise more. With moving, Google helps by giving workouts as a suggestion. As for food, Google would offer an option for entering your food. Recommending food and cooking tips will also be possible. It must become a ‘smart’ application. Tips are given based on movement and dietary patterns and even your location.

Fitness app

Google Coach comes in the form of an app. It would mainly be for Wear OS, but will also be linked to the smartphone. Google has already released Google Fit. It is not yet known when Google will officially announce the app.

It is not a surprising step, because Google can not stay behind when it comes to health. Fitbit, Apple and Samsung would otherwise end up too much on Google in this area.

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