Dice Gives Battlefield V Battle Royale Game Mode And Shows New Trailer

The upcoming shooter Battlefield V is getting a Battle Royale game mode. This was announced by game studio Dice at the E3 presentation of Electronic Arts. They promise that the mode will have a typical Battlefield style and give a new twist to the genre.

More details about the mode have not been given. Furthermore, Dice reiterates that the game will not have a Premium Pass. In previous Battlefield games, the Premium Pass was a season pass, with some extras like priority server queues. Players have complained in the past that the Premium Pass, as well as the individual paid DLC packs, causes the multiplayer community to become fragmented, which can make it difficult to find populated servers.

Instead, the development of BFV content should be financed through microtransactions. In this upcoming game, players can not only customize their equipment to their own taste, but also the appearance of their character, including facepaint.

In addition, players are given the option to dive through windows. Buildings should also be able to be razed to the ground in more complicated ways compared to Battlefield 1, which should also have consequences for the gameplay. This makes hiding for tanks more difficult because such a vehicle can more easily drive through a house. Previously stationary defenses such as anti-tank guns will also be able to be moved in this game.

Battlefield V is out on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Update, Sunday: as multiple readers point out, YouTubers have posted EA sponsored gameplay videos that reveal much of the game in terms of game modes and gameplay mechanics. It’s not clear how many of these sponsored videos are on YouTube, but at least JackFrags, Flakfire and Westie posted videos. Finally, Nvidia uploaded gameplay without comment.

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