Developers showcase Mafia 1 remake in comprehensive gameplay video

Hangar 13 explains in a 14-minute video how Mafia: Definitive Edition was rebuilt from the ground up. The studio also shows a complete mission from the game. The game’s remake, originally released in 2002, will be released on September 25.

Haden Blackman is the creative chief of Hangar 13. In the video published by IGN, he says that the new game is not an exact copy of the original, but that many improvements have been made. The story, characters and missions are the same, but gameplay elements such as shooting and driving have been improved and the game has been completely updated graphically.

The studio has applied new motion capture techniques to realistically portray the characters’ movements and facial expressions. New cars and motorcycles have also been added. The game is based on the engine that was also used for Mafia III, but it is a further developed version that includes a new model for the lighting.

The team that created Mafia: Definitive Edition is partly made up of veterans who also worked on the original 2002 game. The forty euro remake will be released on September 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. The game will be released on Steam and on the Epic Games Store.