Developer provides Nokia X with Google Play Store

It appears to be possible to provide the Nokia X smartphones with Google software, including the application store Play Store. Normally, apps can only be installed through Nokia’s app store or through sideloading.

A guide to putting Google apps on the Nokia X appeared on the XDA Developers forum. According to user Kashamalaga, he encountered few difficulties in his efforts to provide the Nokia X with Google software. By the way, it is necessary to obtain root access on the Nokia X before Google apps can be installed. With the presence of the Play Store, users are given the option to install all apps available for Android.

Nokia provides its own application store for its Android smartphones. It also contains apps that Nokia itself has developed for the X devices. It was already possible to install applications that are not in the Nokia store via sideloading.

Nokia announced its X smartphones with Android at the Mobile World Congress. The cheap smartphones are already available. There are two models with a 4″ screen, while the XL model has a 5″ screen.