Developer brings re-imaginings of Zelda CD-i games to Windows and Linux

As an exercise in GameMaker, a developer has made ‘re-imaginings’ of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Link: The Faces of Evil. The games were originally released for the Philips CD-i and are seen as ‘non-canon’ and ‘not very good’.

Nevertheless, Dopply went to work with the original assets to release its versions for Windows and Linux. While trying to stay true to the original experience of the games, he has also made some additions: “widescreen mode, remastered mode for less frustrating gameplay, subtitles, retouched sprites, unlockables and more. It’s not one-on-one. -remakes, but I think they contain the ‘ghost’ of the games.

Dopply says he has worked on the game for four years and the assets have been ripped from the games by the gaming community. The developer prefers not to release the source code, is unlikely to work on a macOS port, and states that the third Zelda game for the CD-i, Zelda’s Adventure, is “absolutely horrible with no plus points.” So it is not to be expected that he will publish it.

Nintendo is normally very strict when it comes to using its copyrighted material. So it cannot be ruled out that the Japanese company will issue a cease & desist order, regardless of how faithful these versions remain to the original, the fact that he does not make any money from them and that Nintendo will probably not repeat these games itself. is going to release.