Deepcool comes with 120mm fans without rim

Deepcool is showing its MF120 Smart Fan Set at the Computex, which consists of three 120mm fans that have no bezel. Deepcool uses a construction of aluminum legs that are also equipped with LEDs. The set comes with an RGB LED controller.

The rimless design is mainly intended to give the fans a unique appearance. In addition, Deepcool states that the design is well able to absorb vibrations. The fan feels quite solid with its aluminum finish.

The blades consist of two layers and the pwm fans rotate between 500 and 2200rpm. Fluid bearings should lead to good durability. RGB LEDs are processed in the aluminum legs and the 120mm fans must be connected to the supplied controller. You can also set the lighting effects and speed of the fans with the GS Control app.

Deepcool will release the MF120 Smart Fan Set in July for a suggested retail price of $90. Converted including VAT, that is about 97 euros.