Twitter introduces filter for direct messages from strangers

Twitter has introduced a new feature that allows users who have set up to receive Direct Messages from anyone, can choose to preview and accept or discard such a private message from a stranger.

Twitter has announced this new option in a tweet. A message from an unknown person that is not followed by the user will be turn into displayed as a request in the ‘messages’ tab. This also applies to new group conversations to which the user is added by people he does not follow. Users who have set up only receiving direct messages from acquaintances will not be affected by the new feature.

When such a message from an unknown person is displayed as a request, the user is given the option to delete or accept the message. If the request is accepted, you can respond and the message is moved to the inbox. All images and videos in a private message from a stranger will be hidden until the message is accepted, although a user can choose to preview these media anyway.

The new functionality is available for the Twitter app on iOS and Android and via the official website. That means the ability to decline direct messages from strangers will not be available to users of Twitter’s Windows Phone app.