Death Stranding creator Kojima Productions is working on new project

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Kojima Productions confirms that it is working on a new project. The creator of the hit game Death Stranding does not mention the project, but the company is hiring people to work on it in its studio in Tokyo.

Kojima Productions is calling to take a look at his vacancies page in his confirmation of the new project. Hideo Kojima’s studio is looking for programmers, graphic artists, game designers, writers, project leaders and producers for the Tokyo office. Composer and audio director at Kojima Productions, Ludvig Forssell, reports simultaneously a recording session for an undisclosed project. This makes it look like it is a project that has been running at the studio for some time.

It is not known what this is about, but Hideo Kojima has previously hints given that there may be a successor to Death Stranding. If such a successor were to come, the studio would ‘start all over again’, Kojima told Vulture. Despite that, he would like to work with Norman Reedus again. Reedus is the actor who plays the lead role in Death Stranding and is also known from the series The Walking Dead. The two are said to have become friends while working on Death Stranding.

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