Until Dawn developer is working on narrative game based on Dead by Daylight

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Supermassive Games, the developer of games such as Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, is working on a single-player game set in the world of online multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight.

Little information has been revealed about the spinoff game yet, but like many other games from Supermasive Games, it will at least be an “interactive story” with new characters where players can make “life-or-death choices”. More information will be revealed later this year, promises Dead by Daylight developer Behavior in a live stream.

A second spinoff has been announced at the same time. That will be a co-op multiplayer game from Midwinter Entertainment. This studio was founded in 2016 by Halo veterans and was acquired by Behavior last year. This game is still in early development and should be about ‘greed’ and ‘lust for power’. More information has not been shared.

Earlier there was already released a dating simulator based on Dead by Daylight. In addition, there must be along with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse also come a movie based on Dead by Daylight. This project is also still in its infancy, as a director and screenwriter are still being sought.

Dead By Daylight is an online multiplayer horror game in which players must escape from a killer, who is also controlled by a player. The game features many crossovers with well-known horror franchises. For example, characters from the films Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Saw are playable. Also Nicolas Cage must this year make his appearance in the game, playing himself.

Dead by Daylight

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