Creator The Banner Saga Is Working On New Thieves Game

One of the developers at Stoic Studio, the development studio behind The Banner Saga, is working on a new game called Killers and Thieves. According to the studio, the development of Killers and Thieves will not affect the development of The Banner Saga 2.

In Killers and Thieves, the player is put in charge of his own guild of thieves in an old, corrupt city. As the leader of the guild, players must recruit and train all kinds of scum for various tasks. A guild does not only consist of thieves, but also, for example, assassins and healers. Moreover, the downtrodden figures that are recruited all have different qualities and specialties, which makes them suitable or less suitable for certain functions. Ultimately, the goal is to rid the city of its riches through all kinds of missions and heists, where players have to get as much loot as possible.

Killers and Thieves is the brainchild of developer Alex Thomas, who served as creative director on The Banner Saga. After completing The Banner Saga, Thomas came up with a new game concept, he explains on the game’s website. The concept started out as a game in which the player would simply assume the role of a healer, but soon grew into more than that, after which the studio management decided to take Thomas off The Banner Saga and give him his own team. This wouldn’t come at the expense of development on The Banner Saga 2, which is still slated for release this year.