Control has ray tracing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 30fps mode

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The next-gen update for Control: Ultimate Edition, due out Tuesday, will add ray tracing to the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It works in a 30fps mode. There is also a 60fps mode without ray tracing. On the Xbox Series S, the game does not have ray tracing.

In ray-traced Graphics Mode, the game runs at 30fps in 1440p resolution with output in 4k resolution. The Performance Mode has a target of 60fps, at the same render and output resolutions. A spokesperson for developers Remedy has that details posted on Twitter. On the Xbox Series S, the next-gen version of Control does not have ray tracing. Only Performance Mode is available on that console, with a render resolution of 900p and output of 1080p. Unlike many other console games, the game does not use dynamic resolution, Eurogamer writes.

Eurogamer’s technical department Digital Foundry has tested and compared the PlayStation 5 version of the next-gen update with the PC version of Control. The console version has fewer ray tracing effects than the PC version. In addition, DLSS is not available. With the PC version, this Nvidia technology allows users to achieve higher frame rates with ray tracing enabled.

The 60fps mode is largely stable, according to Digital Foundry, except in the busiest fight scenes where many effects are in view. The site concludes that the update shows significant improvements compared to the existing console versions. The PlayStation 5 version also has support for Sony’s DualSense controller.

To download Control’s next-gen update, players must own the Ultimate Edition of the game, which also includes DLC. The regular version of Control is available with the Microsoft Game Pass subscription, but the Ultimate version is not. The Ultimate bundle will be part of the Sony PlayStation Plus subscription in February. The game costs 40 euros separately, both in the Xbox and PlayStation download stores. The next-gen update will be available from Tuesday.

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