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Company wants small PC Classic with DOS games

What’s better, a console or a PC? That battle, which has been going on for years, may soon break loose between the mini-consoles and the mini-pc. An American company wants to release the PC Classic, as a counterpart to mini consoles from Nintendo and Sony, among others.

Unit-e says wants to make the PC Classic and at least thirty classic DOS games want to deliver from the eighties and nineties. The company plans to arrange licenses for those games. Before the mini-pc goes into production Unit-e wants to raise money via crowdfunding. A campaign for this would start in late November or early December. The inventor says that the product will come on the market in the summer of 2019 and the goal is that the price will be $ 99.

It must also be possible to add more games against payment. Unit-e does not seem to have licensed licenses yet, because the company does not yet name concrete names of games. In a demo of a prototype, the company uses shareware. The goal is to put games on the PC Classic that were definitive for the ‘PC game experience’.

The plan is to configure the games for use with a joystick or gamepad, but the keyboard and mouse controls must also possible. The goal is to deliver a gamepad with the small PC, but the author also hopes to deliver a mini keyboard and mouse. The company also wants to sell optional peripherals.

Unit-e is originally a development studio. The company created the Neon FM arcade game, which is also available on Android. For that game, Unit-e negotiated licenses for 150 music tracks. The company says it will use that experience to negotiate the licenses for the DOS games. Unit-e also said that it cooperated with companies such as Apogee, Sega, Namco, and Andramiro.

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