Company starts selling 50TB SSD in 3.5″ format

Viking Technology has started supplying SSDs with capacities of 25TB and 50TB. These are 3.5″ SSDs intended for data centers, equipped with a SAS interface and using mlc-nand memory. Prices have not been disclosed.

The company places the SSDs in its UHC-Silo series, where the abbreviation stands for Ultra High Capacity. According to the makers, the mlc-nand memory, which comes from SK Hynix, can be completely rewritten every day for five years.

The SSDs are equipped with a 6Gb/s-sas connection and have a maximum sequential read speed of 500MB/s. For writing, that’s 350MB/s. Furthermore, the manufacturer specifies 60,000iops for random reads and 15,000iops for random writes. The consumption under load is a maximum of 16 watts, while the SSDs consume no more than 10 watts when idle.

In theory, manufacturers could make 3.5″ SSDs with a much higher storage capacity. Viking Technology uses MLC NAND memory with two bits per memory cell for its UHC Silo models, which has a lower data density than TLC memory or the new qlc chips with three and four bits per cell respectively.

According to Viking Technology, the 50TB SSD is the SSD with the largest storage capacity currently available. Seagate already showed a 3.5 “ssd with a capacity of 60TB last year, but that model has not yet appeared on the market. The prototype that Seagate showed used 3D-tlc-nand.