Render shows possible design of new Google Pixel XL with thin bezels

Based on leaked information, AndroidPolice has published a render showing what the upcoming 2017 model of the Pixel XL will look like. The image shows thin screen edges and there are said to be ‘pinchable’ sides, like the HTC U11.

The design concerns the larger variant of the Pixel, which will probably be announced in October. At the front is an 18:9 screen, so a 2:1 ratio, with a diagonal of 6″. The screen edges are very small, especially on the side, but the bezels are also not large below and above the screen. This brings the design close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but the screen is not curved, but simply flat.

Furthermore, a loudspeaker and the front camera can be seen at the top of the front. It’s unclear whether or not there will be a 3.5mm headphone jack in the final design of the new Pixel XL. AndroidPolice thinks the new phone will also have squeezable sides, like the HTC U11. With this, users may be able to control Google Assistant via pinching movements. The back of the phone is curved, just like its predecessor. The fingerprint scanner is located at the back under a kind of glass ‘window’ at the top of the phone. Antenna lines are not shown in the image.

The specifications of the new Google Pixel XL, whose name and final release date are not yet clear, have already leaked out. It would be a 6″ AMOLED screen with a 1440p resolution. The device does not run on a Snapdragon 821, like its predecessor, but on a Snapdragon 835. The device has 4GB of ram and there would in any case be a variant with 128GB storage memory. .

The smaller Pixel smartphone would look much the same as its predecessor, with relatively thick screen bezels. That predecessor had a 5″ screen with a 1080p resolution. Google would like to install stereo speakers with this smaller new model, which would come at the expense of the 3.5mm audio jack. The device would also get a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of ram. In any case, there would be a variant with 64GB storage memory.

AndroidPolice reports that according to sources LG is the producer of the Pixel XL; in June, based on a bug report, it was already speculated that LG was the manufacturer. According to the website, the image is based on information from sources deemed “highly reliable” by the website. AndroidPolice is just not sure yet that the source material is a final final design. Minor changes may still be made before the final new Pixel XL smartphone goes into production.