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Images have surfaced of the Sonos Sub Mini, a small subwoofer that the audio brand would like to bring to the market. There have been rumors about the device before the end of the year.

WinFuture publishes the images, but has no specs or details. The site does know that Sonos will come with bundles with various other products, such as the One, Beam and Ray. The mini subwoofer would then be added in a total price.

Sonos itself said during the discussion of the quarterly figures that it had postponed the release of a product from September to December at the latest. It was probably the Sub Mini. The finance director then said. “In light of a slowing economy (…) and continued supply constraints, we expect a challenging quarter ahead. That’s why we decided to postpone a product release to the next quarter. This would give better release timing.”

The images show a device that corresponds in size to the One speaker. The design also resembles the mock-up that The Verge published some time ago. There are no details about specs or pricing of the device.

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