Cloud version Fortnite with touch controls appears on iOS via GeForce NOW

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Nvidia and Epic Games have officially released a cloud version of Fortnite with touch controls via GeForce NOW. It allows iOS users to stream this game to their smartphone at no cost. The game is also available for Android.

The cloud version of Fortnite with touch controls has been tested on GeForce NOW since January, but during that period there was a waiting list and not everyone could play the game. The game is available now for all GeForce NOW users. According to Nvidia, 500,000 people have tested the beta version of Fortnite on a smartphone in recent months.

This version of Fortnite is of particular interest to iOS users. Fortnite has been unavailable on that platform since 2020, after the game was pulled from the App Store by Apple because Epic evaded Apple’s payment system. The game can now be played on iOS devices again via Nvidia’s game streaming service. Fortnite was also previously removed from the Google Play Store for the same reason. However, an apk is still available for that platform, with which users can still install the game.

GeForce NOW works on iOS through the Safari web browser. A GeForce NOW app is available for Android. The game works on all GeForce NOW plans, including the free version. Users with an RTX 3080 subscription can also play the game at 120Hz on select smartphones. The PC version of Fortnite has been available for some time on GeForce NOW and the game recently also appeared for free on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming platform.

Source: Nvidia

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