Chrome OS to get screen recording tool in March

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Google is adding a new feature to Chrome OS through an update that gives Chromebook users the ability to record the screen. This update will be released in March.

According to Google, this will be a particularly useful function for students and students, for example, so that they can record virtual lessons. The feature will be built into the Chrome OS operating system and will be released in March.

The tool works quite simply. As soon as a user clicks the appropriate record button on their Chromebook, a short, counting down timer follows. After that, the screen recording starts. To indicate that a recording is in progress, a red circle can be seen in the lower right corner of the taskbar.

The company says it will release 40 new Chromebooks this year, primarily aimed at students and education. Many of these new Chromebooks will be a combination of a laptop and a tablet and therefore have a touchscreen. A stylus will often also be included. In addition, there will be so-called Always Connected devices that are specifically intended for students with limited access to the internet. These Chromebooks use 4G.

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