Chrome OS devices get toggle to show tablet versions of sites

Chrome OS devices with a touch screen will get the option to request tablet versions of websites in the near future. This should make it easier to navigate websites via the touchscreen. There is no exact date for this function yet.

In an interview with Android Police Googles senior product manager Kan Liu explains that Google is aware that not all websites can be navigated equally well via a touchscreen. Liu reports that the ‘Request tablet site’ function is the first to come to the Pixel Slate which has been available in the US and the UK since last week. The toggle requests a tablet-optimized website, instead of a smartphone or desktop version, if a site with responsive design offers it

In recent months, Google has been working to optimize Chrome OS for tablets and other devices with a touchscreen, such as Chromebooks. In October version70 of the OS came out, in which the icons of apps are now displayed larger and it is possible to disconnect and move the on-screen keyboard. Version 69 came out in September and involved the support of Linux apps.