Chinese manufacturer makes E Ink monitor with 25.3 “panel and 3200×1800 pixels

Dasung plans to release its Paperlike 253 in August, a 25.3 “monitor that, like e-readers, uses a panel of electronic ink. The manufacturer claims to use its own chip and technology that enables a relatively high refresh rate.

Dasung does not say what the maximum refresh rate of the screen is. The Chinese manufacturer claims to use its own chip and patented technology. In a demonstration movie, the monitor can be seen while a movie is playing. That goes fairly smoothly, but shocks are still visible.

It is also unknown which panel Dasung uses. It is an E Ink screen with a resolution of 3200×1800 pixels that can only display shades of gray. The monitor has no touchscreen and no built-in lighting.

Dasung is selling the monitor through a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo and says the screen will ship from August. The price is at least 2000 dollars, converted with VAT, this currently amounts to about 1977 euros. The Chinese manufacturer has previously released a 13.3 “monitor with an E Ink screen, which is on sale for $ 1,000.