Software update: IrfanView 4.58

Irfan Skiljan has released version 4.58 of IrfanView. This free program can open various image formats and audio and video files. Once installed, IrfanView supports around 30 formats, but adding all plugins this number can go to almost ninety are jacked up. The download can only be used in English or German, but due to the addition of language files. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in version 4.58:

  • New option in Add-Text dialog: add text above / below image (add canvas)
  • New in Add-Text for Batch mode: Scale font based on desktop height
  • New Resize dialog option: Set size in MegaPixels
  • New option in File-Copy / Move dialog: Create duplicate file (for existing files)
  • New option: Keep mouse on Next / Prev-file toolbar buttons (Properties-> Viewing)
  • New PlugIn: OptiPNG (Optimized PNG saving, thanks to Cosmin Truta)
  • PNGOUT PlugIn has been removed (use OptiPNG in PNG save options)
  • RIOT PlugIn has been removed (use “Set JPG file size” in JPG save options)
  • GIF animation bug fixed (thanks to Filipe Oliveira, Tempest Security Intelligence)
  • Several loading bugs in Formats PlugIn fixed (thanks to Moshe Kaplan)
  • WPG PlugIn loading bugs fixed (thanks to SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab: CVE-2021-27224 and CVE-2021-27362)
  • Updated panda (thumbnails) icon
  • Several PlugIns are changed / updated, please install the newest versions


Version number 4.58
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Irfan Skiljan
License type Freeware