Chinese Apple employees sold customer data from internal system

Twenty Apple employees in China have been arrested for selling personal data of Apple customers on the black market. The employees would have obtained the data from an internal system systeem

It would include names, phone numbers, Apple IDs. The employees are said to have sold files for prices between 10 and 180 yuan, approximately between 1.30 and 24 euros each. In total, the trade would involve an amount of 6.56 million euros, AFP reports, based on a statement from the police of Zhejiang Province.

A network of twenty-two people is said to have been involved in the trade in personal data, including twenty Apple employees, who work in marketing and outsourcing. It is not known whether this only concerns data from local citizens or also from customers outside China. There is a lively trade in personal data in China. Tighter safeguards in an internet security law that came into effect on June 1 should curb trade.