China invests mega-sum in flexible amoled displays

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China wants to become the most important producer of flexible AMOLED displays in the world. A project has therefore been launched in the city of Shucheng in Anhui Province involving an investment of 13.5 billion yuan (1.75 billion euros).

In Shucheng New Industry City have to build factories that will produce 6th generation flexible AMOLED displays and touchscreens, as well as 5G antennas. These should yield more than 20 billion yuan (2.6 billion euros) annually. The goal is to turn Shucheng into the world’s largest “base” for the production of touch screens.
With the development of flexible AMOLED displays, China wants to become an internationally major player in the production chain for mid-segment and high-end products. It is expected that by 2022 no less than 900 million flexible AMOLED screens will be produced.

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