Cheaper Google Chromecast appears at Brazilian telecom agency

Photos of a new Google Chromecast have appeared at the Brazilian telecom agency. The Chromecast is similar to the one from 2020 and is rumored to be able to show a maximum of 1080p images. Google is expected to announce the device in October.

The photos of telecom agency Anatel have been noticed and published by Brazilian website Tecnoblog. The photos show a Chromecast that looks largely identical to the current Chromecast with Google TV, which Google introduced in 2020. The images include the model name G454V. Earlier, a Google device with that model name also appeared at the American FCC.

Rumors have been circulating for some time about the arrival of a cheaper Chromecast that only supports 1080p streaming. earlier published tech website WinFuture, which regularly shares information about new hardware early, details about the device. Google would supply the device with a remote control, just like the current Chromecast with Google TV. The new 1080p variant would cost 40 euros in Europe.

Twitter user Kuba Wojciechowski, who has shared accurate information about Google hardware in the past, also claims that he has a software build for the device in hand. That firmware would come from a publicly accessible source. The developer states, among other things, that the device will be called Chromecast HD. Incidentally, the device is appeared at Bluetooth-SIG under the name ‘Google Chromecast’.

The device, among other things, comes with a slower soc than the current 4k variant, according to the information from Wojciechowski. The Amlogic S805X2 chip used does have support for AV1 decoding, which is lacking in the current Chromecast. The Chromecast HD would also get 1.5GB of memory, 25 percent less than the 4k model. The device would also come with Google TV based on Android 12. The current Chromecast still runs on Android 10. Google is likely to announce the media player on October 6, along with its Pixel 7 smartphones and the Pixel Watch.