Ubisoft will bring Trackmania to consoles and streaming services in early 2023

Trackmania will get console and streaming versions early next year. The game has been available on PC since 2020 and is from Ubisoft. The racing game is free-to-play and lets players build and race tracks. All versions work cross-platform and support cross-progression.

Trackmania is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Ubisoft emphasizes that Trackmania will also be free to play on consoles, although the game includes paid subscriptions that allow full access to the track editor. These subscriptions cost ten to thirty euros per year.

The game supports cross-platform and cross-progression. The latter means that unlocked content on the PC version can also be used on other versions. Ubisoft also promises that new content will come to all versions and that there will be no content differences no matter what platform it is played on.

Released in 2020, Trackmania is a remake of Trackmania Nations, a game that Ubisoft Nadeo made in 2006. Ubisoft says the Trackmania community is more than 10 million fans and 280,000 Trackmania tracks have been created in the past two years.