Casemodder creates PC case inspired by Destiny 2 rocket launcher

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What happens when a Destiny 2 player wants to build a PC and has a pile of scrap at his disposal? Then just like that, a PC that bears similarities to and is inspired by the unpredictable Wardcliff Coil, a rocket launcher from Destiny 2.

On Reddit, the maker reports that he built a PC over the past summer based on scrap parts that he collected over several years. The inspiration for the project comes from the aesthetics and story behind the Warcliff Coil from Destiny 2. In particular, the yellow tubes and accents of the rocket launcher are reflected in the PC and the metal cover for the CPU seems to be inspired by the front. of the Warcliff Coil.

“Since none of the parts are designed to work together, I had to make most of the mounts and brackets by hand,” explains the maker. He had no intention of making a housing exactly like the rocket launcher and was mainly inspired by the aesthetics. In his case he also used cheap and static LEDs that the maker has deliberately adapted for yellow and blue light.

The website PC Gamer has spoken to the maker and he says that as a child he took things apart and put them back together. “I have always found breaking, repurposing and inventing things interesting. I am inspired by found objects and things that others would probably consider scrap. The story behind the Wardcliff Coil also builds on this concept to some extent and that was the basis for my case. Making something out of nothing. Using what’s available, because you have to. If it works, great! If not, it will be a huge explosion.”

In developer Bungie’s game, the Wardcliff Coil is a weapon that can fire multiple small missiles with an unpredictable pattern. The weapon is inspired by the Wardenclyffe Tower, better known as the Tesla Tower of inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. This tower was intended for sending messages over great distances. In Destiny 2, a decoration for Wardcliff Coil called Tesla’s Revenge is available.

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