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Capture of nose cone after SpaceX satellite launch failed

Friday night failed to capture half of the nose cone, or fairing of the used Falcon 9 rocket after a satellite launch by SpaceX. An attempt failed in February. The current launch was expected.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announces that the nose cone ‘hit the water at high speed’. It is unclear exactly what the damage is. It was the intention to catch the fairing with the help of the boat Mr. Steven and a large safety net. Musk writes that the parachute got tangled, making the landing hard. The air movement of the nose cone would have ensured that the control was difficult. In the coming weeks Musk wants to do a ‘drop test’ with a helicopter to solve the problem. A nose cone costs around six million dollars.
At a launch, in February the catch of the nose cone failed as well. The construction then remained intact. Just like the re-use of the Falcon 9, the re-use of nose cones has to lower the costs of launching.

Nose cone on the water after its launch in February.

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