LastPass stops with Xmarks service for bookmark synchronization

Used Xmarks for Safari, Android, chrome and little Ffox. On really every platform.
Recently the history option needed because I had discarded a bookmark.
Chrome sync was not full because I also use Safari.
Moreover, I never succeeded in getting Chrome bookmnarks on my Sansung phones.

Live in three different places to earn my living, so bookmarks sync is a must.

Anyway, just go looking again. Perhaps Chrome will be my only one. I am already a Google h * er because my whole life is really on the street.

Am now in Eversync. Does not look bad.
I do not need the paid option of 50 / year.
Would like to give dozens for “kindofPro” version one time with option to:
1. Put backups on dropbox instead of locally. Or setting where you want bups
2. An option (as in Xmarks) to look back and review older backups for restore.

I was bit panicked because of Xmarks, but I breathe again.

minnetje: there is no Eversync for Safari / OSX, but well .. it is no different.