Capcom Releases Streamable Resident Evil Village Demo With Stadia Tech

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Capcom has released a demo of Resident Evil Village that can be played on browsers as well as on mobile devices. This works with streaming and the publisher uses Google’s Stadia technique for this, but no account is needed to play the demo.

Capcom uses Googles Immersive Stream for Games Technique for the Resident Evil Village Demo† It concerns the technique that is also used in game streaming service Google Stadia, but then outside that platform.

The demo can be played in browsers and can be started with a single mouse click. No account is required. It works on PCs with mouse and keyboard or with controllers. On mobile devices, there is also support for touchscreens. A virtual controller is then shown on the screen. Streaming is in a maximum of 1080p resolution and there is no HDR support. According to Capcom, the data consumption can reach a maximum of 12.6 GB per hour.

Resident Evil Village was already available on Google Stadia. Capcom also previously released a demo of the game in the form of a version that could be played for a limited time. The new streaming demo has unlimited playability and includes two environments: Village and Castle. It is not possible to save progress in the demo.

It is the first time that a publisher has released a streamable demo in this way using the Stadia technique. The American provider AT&T also uses the technology and does so to give customers free access to games. AT&T customers have been able to stream Batman: Arkham Asylum since October last year, and Control: Ultimate Edition was added last month. Peleton also uses the Stadia technique. That company uses the streaming technology for a game on its exercise bikes.

In early 2021, Google closed its own Stadia studios and decided to stop focusing on game development itself. Google would shift its focus to providing the technology to third parties, but has never explicitly stated this itself.

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