Canon launches Windows software to use EOS cameras as webcams

Canon has released a new software tool that makes it relatively easy for their users to use a number of different EOS cameras and a few Powershot cameras as webcams.

The software is called EOS Webcam Utility Beta and is only available for users with a Windows system. Canon says the software makes it possible to select EOS cameras with interchangeable lenses and some Powershot cameras as webcams for video conferencing. The software is mainly intended for Canon cameras without a decent HDMI connection.

After installing the program on the computer, users need to activate the video mode on their camera and connect their device to the computer via USB. Next, in the desired video conferencing program, select the camera option EOS Webcam Utility Beta, after which the image should appear and the camera acts as if it were a webcam.

With other manufacturers, such functionality often works indirectly and therefore requires a little more effort. It is first necessary to configure the USB connection as a remote control. For example, to get a live view of the camera on the computer, Sony camera owners can use Imaging Edge software. For Nikon, for example, there is qDslrDashboard and Canon users already had EOS Utility at their disposal. Then it is necessary to capture the image via software, such as OBS. This simulates that it is a webcam.