British Royal Mail hit by Lockbit ransomware

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The Lockbit ransomware gang is behind the Royal Mail ‘cyber incident’. This is reported by several media. Due to the problems, the company can no longer send mail outside the United Kingdom.

A source involved in the investigation says to BBC that it concerns the Lockbit ransomware. The hackers are expected to want millions from the postal company. The company would not confirm that it is ransomware and warns that there is no end in sight when it comes to the mail problems.

Bleeping Computer says to have seen the ransom note and that the printers of the postal company print it automatically. This medium also contacted LockbitSupport, a representative of Lockbit. He denies attacking the Royal Mail. Instead, another party is said to be using a leaked Lockbit ransomware builder. The ransom note would link to Lockbit’s Tor site.

The postal service announced on Wednesday that it had been hit by a ‘cyber incident’ that means that mail can no longer be sent outside the United Kingdom. Mail within the country still works, mail to the country is delayed. The problems lie with the system used to prepare mail for sending abroad and to track that foreign mail. Royal Mail is working with the British government, among others, to solve the problems.

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