Breaking Ground Expansion for Kerbal Space Program Coming May 30

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Kerbal Space Program will be expanded to include robotics and new types of landscapes. The dlc is called Breaking Ground, it will be released on May 30 and costs 15 euros. Players who purchased the game before April 2013 will receive the expansion for free.

In Breaking Ground, players get the opportunity to conduct experiments on planets or the moon, among other things. These experiments include building bases and power generators, which then automatically transmit data to the home base. Seismographs and weather stations are also being added.

Breaking Ground also adds renewal to the landscapes with meteors, craters, mineral formations and yet unknown planet features. The player will be able to scan some of these new objects and take samples from them. A new Rover Arm allows players to collect data from objects.

In addition to the new Robot Arm, there will be more options for building robotic vehicles with new mechanisms. A new type of spacesuit is also being added.

Breaking Ground is not the first downloadable addition to Kerbal Space Program. Making History came out last year. This DLC added, among other things, a mission builder, missions based on historical events and new parts.

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