Boston Dynamics allows Atlas robot to walk and climb better

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It takes a while before a robot is made that is almost indistinguishable from a human being. Still, Atlas of Boston Dynamics comes close. At least, regarding movement. The robot could already run and make somersaults, and it just got better.

In the latest video of the robot builder, BD shows what Atlas is having its march. The robot is 1.50 m high, weighs 75 kg, has 28 joints and can lift 11 kg. What is most remarkable, however, is how the robot jumps on platforms of increasing heights. He moves his weight with his legs and stabilizes his posture with his arms, just like a human.

Atlas can see the depth and uses laser imaging detection and ranging lidar. This allows the robot to navigate rough terrain. Like the other robots from BD, Atlas can stabilize itself if it threatens to fall, for example by pushing it.

In addition, the parts of Atlas are made with a 3D printer. In this way, the robot is not too heavy and is compact, so that it can move more freely and can perceive the space around it more quickly. In May BD showed another video of Atlas in which he jumps over a tree trunk. That went much less smoothly than it is now.

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