Bose presents QC Earbuds with eleven levels of noise cancellation

Bose has unveiled the Quiet Comfort Earbuds, the first wireless earbuds to enter the QC line of audio products. The ears have eleven levels of noise cancellation and come out for 280 euros.

The eleven levels of noise cancellation seem to be set via the accompanying app. There are several microphones in the earbuds to enable the function, says Bose. The noise canceling noise is produced in less than a millisecond.

The earbuds have an ipx4 rating to withstand sweat and water and have a battery life of six hours outside the case. The case can fully charge the earbuds two more times. With the earphones, Bose competes with other manufacturers of wireless earphones with active noisecancelling, such as Apple and Sony.

Bose also presents earbuds without noise canceling, the Sport Earbuds. Bose already had wireless earphones, but they were not part of the QC series until now. The QC Earbuds come out for 280 euros, the Sport Earbuds for 200 euros. Both products will be released on September 29.