Bosch introduces Nyon on-board computer and software update for e-bike engines

Bosch eBike Systems has announced its new products for this year. The company is releasing Nyon, an on-board computer for e-bikes with a 3.2″ color touchscreen. In addition, a software update for e-bike motors will be released.

With a 3.2″ display, the Nyon on-board computer has a larger screen than its predecessor and is touch-sensitive. Users can enter destinations and zoom in on maps. Nyon shows the remaining range, taking into account the geographical conditions and advises on possible changes in the support mode.

An anti-theft option is available for an additional fee. This means that the Nyon only works in combination with the respective e-bike and deactivates the motor support when it is removed from the bicycle. Nyon works in conjunction with the eBike Connect app, works with Bosch e-bike motors from 2014 and later, and will be released in the autumn for an as yet undisclosed price.

Owners of an e-bike with a Performance Line CX motor from model year 2020 or a Cargo Line motor from Bosch can have a software update carried out at the dealer this year. This ensures that the motor has a maximum torque of 85Nm, which mainly benefits the support at low cadence. Next year’s Performance Line CX, Performance Line Speed ​​and Cargo Line will immediately get a maximum torque of 85nm.