Bloomberg: new small Apple Watch is almost as big as big old model

The new-generation Apple Watch is slightly larger than previous models, writes financial news agency Bloomberg. The small version comes in at 41mm, only slightly smaller than the 42mm of the large version of the versions that came out in 2015 and 2016.

The Apple Watch will get a slightly larger screen and dials to take advantage of that, Bloomberg reports. The screen diagonals are not reported by the financial news agency, but the housings come out at 41mm and 45mm. That is now 40 and 44mm. The first three generations of the watch have 38mm and 42mm cases.

The clock will get a new design with flatter sides, reports the news agency. That’s the design as Jon Prosser showed it months ago. According to Bloomberg, the focus will be on the new design and there will be no new health features. A sensor to keep track of body temperature may be installed in the clock next year.

Apple is expected to present the new Watch this fall. Chances are that will happen along with new iPhones. Apple has not yet planned an event, but the date September 14 is mentioned as a possible day that a presentation will take place.

Renders of the alleged Apple Watch Series 7. Source: Front Page Tech

Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 4-6 Apple Watch Series 1-3
Small version 41mm 40mm 38mm
Large version 45mm 44mm 42mm