BioWare is making 4k version of Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

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BioWare has made a 4k version of the first cinematic trailer of mmorpg Star Wars: The Old Republic. That video was first shown in 2009, as a teaser for the game that appeared in 2011. The original video has a 720p resolution.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will celebrate its tenth anniversary in December, and to celebrate, BioWare is re-creating all cinematic trailers in a higher resolution. For starters, the trailer titled Deceived has been given a makeover; which was first shown in June 2009, when the game was announced at the time. The trailer of almost four minutes can now be seen on YouTube in a 4k resolution. The original version is still online. It can be viewed at maximum in 720p and has much less details.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is still getting new content. Developer BioWare announced earlier this year that the Legacy of the Sith expansion will be released at the end of this year. With that, the story continues and various changes are made to the gameplay.

Last week, BioWare also released a video detailing the mmorpg’s storyline so far. Charls Boyd, the creative director of The Old Republic, takes the viewer through the events that took place in the online game world.

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