Belgacom temporarily gives all Proximus customers free 4G at maximum speed

Belgacom temporarily gives all customers free access to 4G at maximum speed. The provider probably hopes that customers will become accustomed to the speed and after the promotion opt for a subscription with 4G at the highest speed.

Customers do not need to do anything to access 4g; if they have a compatible device and are in the Proximus coverage area, they automatically get 4g at maximum speed. An exception to this are iPhone owners, who cannot use the Proximus network. The data limits remain the same.

The promotion will last six months, Belgacom says. After that, customers can choose from subscriptions with the fastest form of 4G up to a theoretical maximum of 86Mbit/s or a cheaper version with a maximum of 20Mbit/s. This makes it look like 4g will be included as standard in all subscriptions after that. That has not been the case until now.