Back 4 Blood also requires internet connection in solo mode

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Back 4 Blood, the Left 4 Dead-esque game due out later this year, cannot be played without an internet connection, even when playing alone. The developer says it is “looking at ways to support that in the future.”

Which reports developer Turtle Rock Studios on Twitter. The game focuses on working with your three team members, but can also be played with computer-controlled companions if desired. The game can also be played in four-on-four mode, with the additional four players taking on the role of the zombies.

Like Left 4 Dead, it’s up to players to survive a zombie apocalypse as a team. A big differentiator of the game are the cards, which give users special properties such as more hp, stamina, damage or more or better equipment to use during a mission. The ai director, who chooses and doses the enemies, also plays a number of cards. Examples include dark levels, zombies with bulletproof vests and extra special enemies.

Back 4 Blood is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, which worked on Left 4 Dead for Valve years ago. They were a Valve subsidiary for a while, but are now independent again. Another well-known title from Turtle Rock is Evolve, a multiplayer game that also placed a lot of emphasis on teamwork. Back 4 Blood is set to release on October 12 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X and S, and Windows. The game is also available from day 1 via the Xbox Game pass.

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