Award-winning concept proposes using drones to rescue those trapped in highrise fires

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This fresh design concept has recently received a lot of praise because it suggests using drones to save people trapped in high-rise fires.

With the name NET GUARD, the designs propose to use a self-controlled UAV drone to reach those who need to be saved.


According to the plans, an emergency signal would be received before the drone, using GPS to identify the location of the fire, would go to the necessary building and avoid the traffic below it.

Once close enough to the building, the drone would then unfold in four sections with a propeller, a safety net pulled tightly in the middle.


This net would be made of a quadrouple layer of polyurethane, the designers said and would be strong enough to carry the weight of a normal adult.

The drone would also follow the evacuee with the aid of sensors so that it can be correctly positioned if someone has to jump

NET GUARD was designed by six students from Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, Schools of Electronic Engineering and Art, China, and recently received the Golden Pin Concept Design Award.


The group – Diao Hao-Ming, Liu Xiang, Li Hao-Hua, Zhu Nan-Tong, Li Guo-Yu, and Hu Zhen-Yuan – said in a statement: “It was not a school assignment.

We devised this concept especially for participating in the Golden Pin Concept Design Award.

“We constantly research drone concepts from all over the world.

“We are most interested in applications that benefit society.

“Our plans are not yet concrete, but we will definitely be looking at more applications for UAV technology.”

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