Arduino is working on pro version of ide programming software

Arduino is working on a new version of its ide software. The new development environment will be called Arduino Pro IDE. An alpha version of the software can be downloaded from the Arduino website.

Arduino’s ide software is used for writing code for Arduino hardware. Plugins can also be used to write code for other boards. Arduino promises a more modern development environment with the new Pro IDE software. The software also includes a new board manager that allows users to manage connected devices. A library manager allows users to manage installed ‘libraries’. These libraries are files written in C or C++ that add extra functionality to the ide software.

The new software also has several modes; a dual mode, a classic mode that is identical to the original development environment, and a pro mode that can display file systems. The Pro IDE software also has basic auto completion, a function that only works for targets with Arm hardware. Furthermore, the software has git integration and a built-in dark mode.

In the future, Arduino will add features like sketch synchronization for the Arduino Create Editor. The software will also get a debugger and the software will be completely open to plug-ins from third parties. Also, support for programming languages ​​other than C++ will be added later. The Arduino Pro IDE software is based on Arduino CLI, which provides all the functions of Arduino. The front-end of the program is based on the Eclipse Theia platform.

An alpha version of Arduino Pro IDE can be downloaded from the Arduino website. The software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The company is calling on users to test the new software ‘to its breaking point’ and to make suggestions to the development team. Arduino also reports that the classic version of Arduino IDE will remain available ‘forever’.