Apple’s event in September. Just put everything together

You have undoubtedly already received a lot of news about the various Apple products that will be unveiled in September. In this article a small overview to provide some clarity through all the noise of information. Four products deserve our attention: the iPhone 13, AirPods 3, iPad 2021, Apple Watch and perhaps also the MacBook Pro.

iPhone 13

Apple has always reserved the launch of an iPhone for a Friday and then about 1.5 weeks after the reveal event, as has been the case with previous iPhones. In this 1,5 week it is possible to pre-order. We expect the keynote this year around September 14 – that means you can still get your hands on this brand new iPhone this month!

AirPods 3

The new AirPods 3 would also be announced in the fall of 2021. In terms of design, they are very similar to the current AirPods Pro – with a shorter stem. Perhaps they will be announced at the same time during the event in which the iPhone 13 will be announced. The date they will be available will also be this month; count on September 20.

Apple Watch

Now that there is an Apple event coming up, why not immediately announce the new Apple Watch? That is probably exactly the case. It concerns the Apple Watch Series 7. The size and the strap will be slightly larger, a rumor that has been known for some time. You may not be able to buy the Apple Watch Series 7 until later this fall; production seems to have slowed down somewhat.

MacBook Pro and iPad (2021)

Now that the production of the MacBook Pro 2021 has started, the release date is of course getting closer. The announcement was also planned earlier this year, but it never happened. There is a small chance that the new Mac will be released in September, but October sounds more realistic. Then Apple often organizes Mac events. What you can expect in September is the new iPad 2021.