Apple Watch Series 3 users are experiencing reboots after watchOS 7 update

Several users of the Apple Watch Series 3 are experiencing randomly restarting their smartwatch after updating the software to watchOS 7. It is not known whether Apple is working on fixing the bugs.

Owners of an Apple Watch Series 3 report experiencing multiple problems with their smartwatch after the update from watchOS 6 to watchOS 7. Apple released the new version of the operating system in mid-September. Users in Apple’s forum in particular complain that the wearable reboots on its own. For some users, this happens several times a day or even an hour.

Other complaints are that the battery drains faster than was the case before the update, that the passcode has to be entered several times a day while wearing, that the performance is reduced and that complications do not charge or charge very slowly. Users of the smartwatch have expressed similar complaints on the MacRumors forum. Apple released watchOS 7.0.1 last week with bug fixes, but this version does not seem to solve the Watch Series 3 problems.

Users with problems will not be able to revert to watchOS 6 and will have to wait for Apple to implement an update that fixes the bugs. It is not known whether Apple is working on this. It is also not known how many users experience the problems and under what circumstances the reboots occur. A minimum Watch Series 3 is required to run watchOS 7. Apple released the wearable in 2017.