First FarmVille game ends on Facebook due to end of Flash support

Zynga’s first FarmVille game will disappear from Facebook at the end of this year, because the platform will no longer support Flash. The game was released in 2009 and had tens of millions of users at the time. The maker refers players to new versions.

Players can make in-game purchases until November 17, Zynga writes. After that, the payment system will be locked, but the browser game will remain playable until December 31. Players can also keep their previously purchased items until the end of the year credits to spend. FarmVille will no longer be playable from next year. The game will stop because Adobe will stop updating Flash Player and Facebook will remove support for Flash games.

FarmVille came out via Facebook in 2009 and became the most popular game on the social network shortly after. In 2010, the game had nearly 84 million monthly active users, and the peak of daily active users was 34.5 million. After 2011, the browser game’s popularity declined sharply. In recent years, the game was no longer at the top of the list of popular Facebook games.

Zynga has already released new versions in the meantime. For example, FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape is available on Facebook, Android and iOS. This version does not use Flash and will continue to work on Facebook. Zynga also has FarmVille 3 on the shelf. That new game will soon be released worldwide, according to the developer.